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Import Collection Service - General Conditions:

Tariff conditions:

Tariffs include:

  • ocean freight to Hamburg
  • BAF and CAF surcharges for ocean freight
  • LCL a quai dues Hamburg
  • freight charge to warehouses in Prague
  • 7 days free for storing
  • warehouse release of goods according to Customer s instructions

Tariffs do not include:

  • delivery order EUR 35 / B/L
  • insurance beyond ship-owner s liability
  • customs clearance and related acts.
  • loose cargo surcharge (LCS) EUR 6,50 w/m, min EUR 6,50


  • a tariff is constructed on the basis of W/M (cbm/ton) without other recalculations
  • The general tariff applies to consignments up to the goods value of EUR 50,000.-
  • Unless specifically agreed the rates are not valid for dangerous goods, alcohol, personal effects and cargo which is subject to phytosanitary, veterinary and other inspections due in the first European port of arrival.
  • a minimum tariff is mentioned for each port of dispatch individually.
  • information on goods, legible invoices and, as applicable, a packing list corresponding to the size and amount of conveyed goods including their tariff classification, must be delivered one week before collecting the consignment from Hamburg. If necessary import documents are not delivered and the container is blocked in the port or terminal, the ordering party that has not delivered the necessary documents shall be charged with a contractual penalty in the amount of 5,000 Czech crowns plus all related costs.
  • any storage charges in the port for reasons of non-production of a B/L, invoice and number of custom tariffs shall be reinvoiced to the customer after notification - non-production of necessary documents blocks releasing the container, which results in blocking other customers loaded in the collecting container!!!
  • weight/volume is rounded up to whole 100 kg / 0.1 cbm
  • The IMDG (dangerous goods) shipments must be approved by Austromar in advance before accepting such shipment into our warehouse. The rates to be agreed upon request. All extra costs and penalty of EUR 500,00/shipment will be charged to the shipper's account for the unannounced or incorrectly reported IMDG shipments.
  • transport of personal belongings for an additional charge of EUR 150 / consignment
  • maturity of invoices for freight charges of imported LCL consignments is before delivering the goods (to speed it up, you can send a copy of your payment order by fax)
  • upon request, we process tariffs in relations which are not included in the tariff
  • We require the consignments to be stackable, manipulable, undamaged, properly packed and labelled for overseas transport.
  • customs and customs declaration services shall be provided and implemented by A-1 Transport and Logistic s.r.o. according to the customer s instructions. Detailed information related to releasing the imported goods into free circulation including appropriate powers of attorney can be found on the website www.a-1.cz , contact tel. 311670884
    In case of not observing the period of 20 days in the free zone, bond fees in the free zone (temporary bonded warehouse) will be invoiced to you according to the value of goods. In this period, each ordering party is obliged to submit the goods for further customs procedure. When this regulation is not observed, the ordering party exposes itself to a danger of restrictive measures on the part of the Customs Administration. A1 Transport & Logistic s.r.o. c/o Austromar spol. s r.o. reserves the right to reinvoice all penalties, sanctions and other ancillary expenses to the consignee.
    If necessary, A1 Transport & Logistic can offer storing of goods in a bonded warehouse, or other storing and related services. More on www.a-1.cz
  • consignments are released from the bonded warehouse Praha - Uhříněves tel.: +420226201011, fax: +420226201027, Mr. Jiří Marek (email: jiri.marek@a-1.cz, tel: +420226201001) is responsible for the warehouse and appropriate customs services; all information on our warehouse, consignments in progress, including customs procedures, can be found on the website www.a-1.cz
  • clearing of consignments from the warehouse shall be done according to the customer s needs on the basis of mutual agreement - consignments are dispatched in the transit mode, when requesting the clearance into free circulation, the following documents (Power of Attorney - a form on request, Certificate of Incorporation and VAT Certification - must be certified) must be provided in advance - shipowners do not ensure the clearance, they only coordinate - customs charges shall be reinvoiced according to real costs (amount of fees/bond shall be notified by A1 declaration on request)
  • the shipowner s liability limit is given by international agreements - such coverage usually does not cover business risks to the full extent; therefore, we recommend insuring the consignments properly
  • Transportation is governed by the terms of Bill of Lading.
  • Austromar shall bear no liability for damages to the consignment packing which may arise during the transport
  • the actual tariff of rates is available to you at www.austromar.cz after your registration - you will also find a form for orders on the Internet - we assume that it will save work for all participated parties
  • a shipowner has 3 working days after coming to the terminal to release the consignment (unpacking of incoming containers, documentation control, customs registration [T1, SAD] and the release itself)
  • the goods that leave the warehouse must be reported in advance - the declaration must confirm a transit dispatch note in the Board of Customs Office in the place of destination; to speed it up, we would like to ask you to inform us of the registration number and driver s name one day in advance at Praha - Uhříněves tel.: +420226201007, fax: +420226201027
  • Storage charges when the 7-day period is exceeded are 3 EUR w/m per day (Min 35 EUR)
  • charges for customs services: issuance of T1 - CZK 850, issuance of SAD - CZK 850 (into two items, another one + CZK 50 each)
  • Maximum weight of packing piece:
  • 3 tons are maximum weight of one piece of packing. For a single consignment exceeding 3 tons, please contact our office to verify an extra charge
  • Customs dues must be paid within 10 days from their assessment. If they are not paid in time, a penalty for late payment in the amount of 500 CZK will be invoiced to you.
  • For the currency conversions we are using the exchange rate published by European Central Bank (ECB) valid at the time of invoice issuance increased by 1,5 %.
  • In the case of customers who clear from the free zone by themselves but need warehouse assistance (submit the consignment to customs control, remove its packing and others), additional charges in the amount of 200 CZK per hour, with the minimum charge being 200 CZK, will be invoiced.
  • In the case of cancelling the order or not delivering the ordered goods to the warehouse less than 72 hours before closing, "dead freight" in the amount of 50% of ocean freight, and at minimum EUR 25, will be invoiced.
  • Complaints: damages arising from shipowner s liability will be solved if they exceed the minimum fulfilment in the amount of 2,000 CZK, namely for reasons of administrative costs associated with the complaint
  • Maximum weight and dimension of one package
    Maximum allowed weight of each package is 3 metric tons. For shipments with weight greater than 3 metric tons or length longer than 3 meters or height higher than 2 meters please contact our office for extra charges confirmation.
  • Overweight Surcharge (OWS)
    For shipments with total weight over 3 metric tons or with weight in metric tons higher than volume in cubic meters we will apply OWS surcharge individually. Please contact our office for details.
  • Marks and numbers
    Please make sure your shipments are always properly marked, including the port of destination. It is also imperative that the marks and numbers on all documentation match the actual marks and numbers on the cargo. This may seem self-evident, however, our warehouses are regularly faced with discrepancies, which may result in misdirection and/or loss in port of loading or in port of discharge.